Lecture Schedule Fall 2010
Date Topic(s) Data/Assignment Reading Computer Program
8/23 Introduction Short answers due Aug. 27 Chapter 0 Plotting pdfs, cdfs in SAS;
Plots using GPLOT
GPLOT SAS output
8/25 Single sample inference for the median Hw1, due 9/3 Chap.1.1-1.2 Sodium example
Sodium SAS output
Binomial Dist for n=40
Normal approx of Binomial (CC)
Median and ecdf SAS code
Median and ecdf SAS output
R median and ecdf code
8/27 Introduction to SAS meet in Admin 225
An introductory lecture on SAS (MP4)
In class SAS exercise Start Paste Output SAS Intro material
Sample SAS Program
students burgers
SAS Macro program
8/30 Single sample inference, continued;
empirical CDF function
  Chap.1.1-1.2 temperature data
Median, ecdf, percentile SAS code
Median, ecdf, percentile SAS output
R percentile c.i. code
9/1 Single sample inference, continued;
inference for percentiles
. Chap.1.1-1.2  
9/3, b Comparison of tests;
Two sample permutation tests
Hw1 due Chap 1.3;
Chap. 2.1
Normal data comparison
Laplace data comparison
CDF difference example
CDF difference SAS output
9/6 Labor day holiday; no lecture .    
9/8 Homework 1 review;
Permutation tests;
  Chap. 2.2-2.4 Two-sample permutation macro
Two-sample perm. macro output
Permutation-Rank Sum comparison
Perm.-Rank Sum SAS output
9/10 Wilcoxon rank-sum test; 
begin Mann-Whitney test
Hw2, due 9/22 Chap. 2.4-2.6 Wilcoxon rank-sum test
Wilcoxon rank-sum SAS output
R Wilcoxon test code
Wilcoxon ties example
Wilcoxon ties SAS output
9/13, b Mann-Whitney test and confidence interval;
Other two-sample tests:
Siegel-Tukey and Ansari-Bradley tests
. Chap. 2.6, 2.8 Shift c.i. program
Shift c.i. SAS output
R shift c.i. code
Siegel-Tukey, Ansari-Bradley tests
S-T, A-B SAS output
R Ansari-Bradley code
9/15 Deviance tests; Omnibus tests; Scoring Systems   Chap. 2.8, 2.7 RMD permutation macros
RMD permutation SAS output
R RMD permutation code
CDF difference illustration
CDF difference SAS output
Kolmogorov-Smirnov test
Kolmogorov-Smirnov SAS output
R Kolmogorov-Smirnov code
9/17 Scoring systems; Comparing tests Project part 1 due Chap. 2.7, 2.9 Scores SAS code
Scores SAS output
vW scores example
vW scores SAS output
R vW scores code
Two sample scores program
Two sample scores SAS output
9/20 Large sample approximations Exam 1 take home problems Chap. 2.10  
9/22 K sample permutation tests;
the Kruskal-Wallis test
Hw2 due Chap. 3.1-3.2 K sample permutation F test
K sample perm. F SAS output
R KW code
9/24,b Kruskal-Wallis test and multiple comparisons   Chap. 3.2-3.3 KW test with ties, scores
KW test with ties SAS output
9/27 Multiple comparisons   Chap. 3.3 Multiple comparisons
Multiple comp. SAS output
9/29 Ordered alternatives
Note: test on Friday is in Renfrew 125
. Chap. 3.4 Jonckheere-Terpstra test
Jonckheere-Terpstra SAS output
10/1 Exam 1
Note: the test is in Renfrew 125
10/4  Exam review;
Paired-comparison permutation test 
. Chap. 4.1  
10/6 Signed rank test;
Signed rank test with ties; Sign test
Hw3, due 10/15 Chap. 4.2, 4.3 Signed rank test, Sign test
Signed rank, Sign test SAS output
R Signed rank code
10/8 Permutation RCB F test;
Friedman's test
Theory problems discussion? Chap. 4.4- 4.5 Friedman's test
Friedman's test SAS output
R Friedman code
10/11 Friedman's test with ties; Page's test   Chap. 4.5, 4.6 Candy example
Candy example SAS output
Page's test; RCB Mult. Comp
Page, RCB Mult.C. SAS output
10/13 Permutation test for correlation and slope;
Spearman correlation
. Chap. 5.1, 5.2 Perm. test for Pearson's corr.
Perm. test SAS output
Perm. test for Spearman's corr.
Perm. test Spearman SAS output
10/15 Kendall's tau-a and tau-b;
Permutation chi-squared tests
Hw3 due Chap. 5.3, 5.4 DVD data ; DVD SAS output
Judges data; Judges SAS output
R association measures code
10/18 Permutation chi-squared tests . Chap. 5.4 Perm. chi-squared test
Perm. chi-squared SAS output
R perm. chi-square code
10/20 Homework review;
Fisher's exact test
Hw4, due 10/29 Chap. 5.5 Football data
Football data SAS output
All possible football data sets
All poss. football data SAS output
R Fisher's exact code
10/22 Tables with ordered categories;
Introduction to the Bootstrap
. Chap. 5.6,
Chap. 8.1
Ordered category code;
Ordered category SAS output;
Simulation example;
Simulation SAS output
10/25 Introduction to the Bootstrap . Chap. 8.1 Basic bootstrap example;
Basic bootstrap SAS output;
R basic bootstrap code
10/27 Location-Scale Bootstrap Intervals .
Chap. 8.2 Location-scale bootstrap code
Loc-scale bootstrap SAS output
Bootstrap MSE macro
Bootstrap pivot macro
10/29 Location-Scale Bootstrap Intervals;
Percentile and Residual Bootstrap C.I.'s
Hw4 due;
Exam 2 take home problems;
Theory problems, set 2
Chap. 8.2, 8.3 Percentile, residual bootstrap code;
Perc., res. bootstrap SAS output
Bootstrap macro at SAS
11/1 Homework review;
Types of bivariate bootstrap sampling
Note: office hour is at 3:30 today Chap. 8.4  
11/3 Bootstrap tests and confidence intervals
for multiple regression
. Chap. 8.7

Bootstrap mult. reg. tests
Boostrap mult. reg tests SAS output
Bootstrap mult. reg. conf. intervals
Bootstrap mult. reg ci SAS output
Bootstrap Mult Reg tests macro
Bootstrap Mult Reg CI macro

11/5 When can bootstrap methods fail?  .    
11/8 Exam 2
Note: the test is in Renfrew 125
11/10, b Aligned rank tests for ANOVA models   Chap. 9.2 Aligned rank SAS code
Aligned rank PDF output
11/12 Kernel density estimation   Chap. 10.1 Effect of extreme bandwidth;
Common bandwidth options;
Kernel Density estimation;
Kernel Density SAS output;
R Density Est. code
11/15 Nonparametric Curve Smoothing   Chap. 10.2 Loess smoothing;
Loess SAS output;
R Nonpar smoother code;
Autos data
11/17 Nonparametric Curve Smoothing;
/Robust and rank-based regression
Hw5, due 12/3;
Data available at text website
Chap. 10.3  
11/19 Robust and rank-based regression . Chap. 10.3 Robust regr, Ch8 data;
Robust regr. Ch8 SAS output;
R Robust regr. Ch8 data;
Robust regr, slr example;
Robust regr, slr SAS output;
R Robust regr, slr example
Thanksgiving break .    
11/29 Robust and rank-based regression   Chap. 10.3:
Robust and Rank-based CRF ANOVA;
Rb and Rk-based CRF SAS output;
R Rank-based CRF code
12/1 Robust and rank-based regression Exam 3 take home problems Chap. 10.3:
Hubert et al
12/3 Homework 5 discussion, Review Hw5, due   General bootstrap mult reg macro
12/6 Poster session 1      
12/8 Poster session 2      
12/10 Poster session 3      
Office hours: Dec 13 9-12 , or email me   . .
Exam on  Monday, December 13 at 12:30 pm
Note: the test is in our usual room, TLC 244

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