ARCH 464 
Environmental Control Systems


The lab assignments will result in the production of four mini case studies—daylighting, water use, green architecture, and acoustics—which will be presented as digital slide shows in the lab sessions.

Section 01 Yasaman Dadras TLC 147    Section 02  Anna Bagheri TLC 146
Section 03 Fatemeh Sakhi TLC 149     Section 04  Shristi Tamrakar Virtual

Case Studies

Each case study will consist of six parts:

Case Study Powerpoints or Adobe PDFs are limited to 20 slides 
and oral Case Study presentations are limited to 15 minutes. 
Points are deducted for exceeding these limits.

The Case Study assignments are available on the web. The Teaching Assistants who lead the discussion groups will grade the case studies.

Exemplary case studies from classes of the past are posted in the Hall of Fame. Do not select a Hall of Fame case study space for your project!

Your TA may want a hard copy of your work in pdf format. Also upload your presentation to the desktop of the lab computer before you present so that the TA may have a digital version. 

Use your last names as the file name for your presentation file (ppt or pdf), e.g., DeweyCheathamHowe.ppt. This naming convention will help assure that your TA gives you the proper grade, not the grade for that weird team that did the same building. Plus it will give you better recognition on your Hall of Fame project, right?

Grading Policy

Accuracy, Synthesis, and Completeness Points (20):
Technical errors and instances of failure to synthesize information as well as failure to complete parts of the exercise will cause deductions from the basic grade.

Clarity Bonus Points (5):
The graphic, written, and oral presentation of the case study will be graded subjectively. To be awarded the maximum bonus points your presentation must be extremely clear, both graphically and verbally.

Penalty Points (7):

-1 for non participation in discussion sessions
-1 for whole team no-show at discussion
-2 for long presentations
-3 for late work

Maximum of 25 points; maximum of 22 points for resubmitted work.