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Contest description.  Grading, extra credit, introduction, problem statement, list of what is due, schedule, project evaluation.

Contest location  The site in the commons where the contest will be held.

Final report  Format for the final report.

Challenge:  To date, about 14 teams have competed in similar challenges.  Despite some great engineering, teams have not yet solved the stability problem.  That is, how to design a parachute so that it falls straight down. 

Scientific Concepts and Math Modeling

Parachute Sizing:  How equilibrium concepts may be used to estimate the size of a parachute.

Accelerated motion. By integrating Newton's second law of motion, one may develop a math model of a parachute that is valid for accelerated motion.  This result has been programmed in MathCAD version 7.

Coefficient of drag.  Experimental means for finding the coefficient of drag.

Other Useful Information

Information collection. The process of information collection as a part of the engineering process.

Mass of a quarter.  An easy way to find the mass of a coin.

Parachute fabrication. A review of various methods of parachute fabrication presented using a "morph" diagram.

Fabrication of a hemi-spherical parachute.  A very good web site by Richard Nakka that describes how to fabricate a traditional parachute by assembling gores.

Physics of parachutes.  A series of outstanding articles by Dr. Jean Potvin of the Parks College Parachute Research Group.  These articles describe the aerodynamic stability problems of small parachutes as well as other topics.

How to do Engineering!

Good engineering practice. During the past ten years, we have conducted many similar contests.  This experience has revealed what work well for effective engineering.  

Project planning.  Time management has proven to a major difficulty.  This article presents a method for planning a project.

Feedback or Questions

Feedback or questions on the project, on technical issues, on the design process ==> contact Dr. Donald Elger

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