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BbLearn requires your NetID (e.g.vand1234) password. more »


How to submit, check your submission, and find your grades. more »

Tests & Quizzes

Dealing with a test that crashes. Checking your submission and grade. more »

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Find your detailed grades inside the My Grades tool. more »

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Zoom, Blogs, Discussions, Journals, Wikis, and Groups. more »


Keep up with your BbLearn courses while on the go. more »

BbLearn's Time Zone is presented as US Pacific Time (PT). If you are located in a different time zone, you will have to convert the Pacific Time (PT) displayed in BbLearn to your own time zone.

Top Questions

  1. Why can't I login?
    BbLearn uses the same account login as the UIDAHO campus computers and VandalWeb. You can reset your password if you're not sure what it is. Learn more »
  2. Where's my course?
    Your instructor chooses when to turn on their course. Learn more »
  3. My quiz just crashed, now what?
    Restart all Web browser windows and try to login to BbLearn again. Some tests are setup to allow you continue. Otherwise, you'll need to negotiate with your instructor. Learn more »
  4. Why won't my file upload?
    Ensure that there are no special characters (e.g., #%&@) in the filename and that the file name is not extremely long. If the file is large, it may take a while to upload depending on your Internet connection speed. If you can, move to a wired rather than wireless connection for a faster upload. Learn more »


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