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We do not recommend taking BbLearn quizzes & exams using a mobile phone!


  • What if my test crashed?

    If you're in the middle of taking a Test when your computer or Web browser crashes:

    • Immediately close ALL windows on your computer
    • Restart the Web browser
    • If the Web browser won't restart, reboot your computer
    All questions that were saved should be there. Typically you can simply continue where you left off, though your instructor controls the Test Options which specify whether you will be able to continue or not.

  • Where is my test?

    Tests are not visible in BbLearn until the time they become "available" to take. Your instructor will need to tell you when that is. Also note, your instructor may post your Test to any course content area within your course. Look through each folder and menu item to be sure it hasn't been posted. Then contact your instructor for further directions.

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