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The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) provides a number of strategies, tools, and support personnel dedicated to the delivery of all modes of teaching.

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Workshop registration links are listed below. To schedule a 1:1 or departmental session, please contact us any time at: bblearnhelp@uidaho.edu.


Why Respecting My Name Matters
This is a fourth event in the speaker series “Diverse Dialogues: Issues of Equity and Education", The April event continues the series Issues of Equity in Education, organized by the EHHS Equity and Social Justice workgroup. Honoring Names: Why Respecting My Name Matters. The Diverse Dialogues series invites diverse voices to discuss transformative efforts in promoting equity and social justice. Honoring names shows respect and value for a person’s identity, personal history, and culture. Panelists from the University of Idaho community will share their experiences and perspectives about the impact of name misuse and the power behind their names.

To register, visit uidaho.edu/diverse-dialogues
Online via Zoom

     [ WHEN: 4/22/2021 4:00pm-5:30pm PT ]
2021 Active Learning Symposium
Cassidy Hall
The 6th Annual University of Idaho Active Learning Symposium will be held Tuesday, April 27, 2021. Jointly sponsored by Collaboration and Classroom Technology Services and the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, this year’s symposium will again be an online event with sessions starting at 9:30am PT and continuing throughout the day. Topics will include using technology, pandemic pedagogies, modeling active learning strategies, and active learning in all modalities whether in the classroom, online, or virtual. The day will include a panel discussion on the future of flexible course delivery options.

Symposium Agenda and Schedule
Online via Zoom
Virtual Link

     [ REGISTER NOW: 4/27/2021 9:30am-4:30pm PT ]
2021 Student Success Virtual Conference
This session brings faculty, staff, and students together to link four core priorities established during the last Student Success Conference, and intensified during this past year, to concrete actions we can all take to make a change in the learning and lives of our students.

Conference agenda details ...
Online via Zoom
Virtual Link

     [ REGISTER NOW: 4/28/2021 3:30pm-5:00pm PT ]
2021 Celebration of Collaboration
You are cordially invited to attend the University of Idaho’s first virtual Celebration of Collaboration. The University of Idaho has a long and proud tradition of fostering sustainable relationships that improve the learning and lives of our students and strengthen our communities. Community engagement is, in fact, a cornerstone of who we are as a University. Our faculty, staff, students, and community partners collaborate in countless mutually beneficial ways, giving life and meaning to our land grant mission.

This is an opportunity for us to come together to recognize, honor, and celebrate our accomplishments, to share the creative dynamics of our collaborations, and to create opportunities for new ones to emerge. This is also a time to reflect on what we have learned during this most difficult year and to consider ways that we can strive to become better together through community engaged teaching, learning, scholarship, and service.

Online via Zoom

     [ REGISTER NOW: 5/6/2021 3:00pm-5:00pm PT ]


Fall 2020 / Spring 2021: Flexible Teaching

  1. Leading Effective Discussions in (Big) Flexible Classes (1 hr) | Brian Smentkowski
  2. BbLearn Grade Center Mentor Session (1.1 hr) | Handout | Douglas Habib
  3. Keeping it Inclusive, Keeping it Accessible (42 min) | Slides | Erin Chapman, Amy Taylor, Alex Hollingshead
  4. Let's talk about it: handling what's happening in our classes (1.1 hr) | Slides | Sample Debate Guidelines | Suggested Syllabus Resources | Workshop Chat Insights | Brian Smentkowski
  5. Promoting Community and Dialogue in the Classroom (43 min) | Douglas Habib
  6. Introducing Camtasia and Snagit (1 hr) | Snagit & Camtasia Handout | Cassidy Hall
  7. BbLearn Grade Center Mentor Session (36 min) | Douglas Habib
  8. Supporting One Another through Peer Observation of Instruction (50 min) | Brian Smentkowski, Rachel Halverson, Barb Kirchmeier, Bert Baumgaertner
  9. Alternative Assessments & Feedback (54 min) | Slides | Douglas Habib
  10. Fostering Critical Thinking and Thinkers (1 hr) | Slides | Brian Smentkowski

Teaching Flexibly

Summer 2020: Flexible Teaching

  1. Flexible Teaching: A How-To Session (48 min) | Slides | Brian Smentkowski
  2. How to Design a Flexible Syllabus, Assignments, and Assessments (1 hr) | Slides | Flexible Syllabus Example | Douglas Habib
  3. Flexible Teaching with Zoom (1.3 hr) | Slides | Cassidy Hall
  4. Free Technologies to Enhance Engagement (1.5hr) | Slides | Cassidy Hall, Erin Chapman, Katrina Eichner
  5. Engaging Students: Creative Alternatives (51 min) | Slides | Handout | Douglas Habib
  6. Flexing Your Labs & Collaborative Educ Learning Experiences (1 hr) | Slides | Handout | Brian Smentkowski, Douglas Habib
  7. All-In on Online (59 min) | Slides | Online Template | Douglas Habib
  8. Making Your Virtual & Online Classes Accessible and Inclusive (1 hr) | Slides | Alex Hollingshead, Amy Taylor, Erin Chapman
  9. The Modified Tutorial Model - What it is and Why it Might be Right for Me (46 min) | Slides | Douglas Habib
  10. Building a One-Stop Shop for your Class (47 min) | Slides | Douglas Habib
  11. Meet Your Flexible Classroom (1.25 hr) | Classroom Technology page | Cassidy Hall, Ken Schmidt, Brian Smentkowski
  12. How to save Zoom sessions, upload to MS Stream, and link to BbLearn (52 min) | Storing Zoom Recordings in MS Stream | Douglas Habib
  13. What do I tell my students, part 2: Common syllabus language for a flexible fall (56 min) | Slides | Healthy Vandals Syllabus Policies | Syllabus Checklist | Barbara Kirchmeier, Erin Chapman
  14. What do I tell my students, part 3: Unifying faculty and student expectations and compliance (1.2 hr) | Slides
    Cari Fealy, Sara Graper

Spring 2020: Jumping into Online

  1. Zoom for Teaching & Office Hours | Part 1 (14 min) | Part 2 (14 min) | Slides | Cassidy Hall
  2. Zoom for Effective Meetings | Part 1 (15 min) | Part 2 (15 min) | Slides | Cassidy Hall
  3. What do I tell my students, part 1? (31 min) | Slides | Kristin Haltinner, Brian Smentkowski
  4. Well-Being: Finding the Right Balance (44 min) | Slides | Emily Tuschhoff, Cassidy Hall
  5. Tests and Quizzes (37 min) | Douglas Habib
  6. Show, Don't Tell: Online Portfolios as Assessments (10 min) | Slides | Vanessa Botts
  7. Ready, Set, Video! (8 min) | Slides | Vanessa Botts
  8. Moving Online in a Hurry? (38 min) | Douglas Habib
  9. Looking Back and Looking Ahead (48 min) | Slides | Brian Smentkowski
  10. Let's Get Engaged (10.5 min) | Vanessa Botts
  11. Labs, Studios, and Fieldwork: Creative solutions that work (37 min)
    Faculty Panel: Michael Overton, Vanessa Sielert, Miranda Wilson, Douglas Habib
  12. Keeping My Class Inclusive (37 min) | Slides | Erin Chapman, Alex Hollingshead
  13. I am afraid my students will cheat! What can I do? (45 min) | Douglas Habib, Vanessa Botts
  14. How is it Going? Faculty and student perspectives on COVID-19's Impact (58 min)
  15. Expanding Access to Global Learning through Virtual Exchange (57 min) | Slides
    Aryn Baxter, Megan Gibbons
  16. Creating Significant Learning Experiences (34 min) | Slides | Douglas Habib
  17. Assignments, Feedback, Grading: A Perfect Circle (31 min) | Douglas Habib
  18. Active Learning Symposium 9 presentations

Flexible Teaching

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If you wish to drop a workshop or have questions, comments, or need additional information, please contact: cetlworkshops@uidaho.edu