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The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) is a comprehensive faculty and academic development center dedicated to the success of all faculty, graduate students, and academic programs. With expertise in inclusive higher education pedagogy, we provide faculty, course, and curriculum development support for all faculty, across all instructional modalities: in-class, online, and everything in-between.


The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning provides a safe, inclusive, and creative space for faculty development, collaboration, innovation, and well-being. To this end, we work with faculty to:

  • Design, develop, and deliver transformational learning experiences
  • Gain confidence and competence in adopting or adapting high-impact teaching practices
  • Develop sustainable and productive research programs
  • Establish strong and enriching mentoring relationships
  • Thrive through formal and informational conversations, collaborations, and consultations.


  • Expert consultation on the integration of evidence-based and high-impact practices within and across disciplines and instructional modalities
  • Customized support in the fields of instructional, course, and curriculum design and development
  • Professional consultation and support for online and hybrid courses and programs
  • Leadership in technology-enhanced instruction, including Canvas
  • Teaching observations and innovative pedagogical solutions for all faculty
  • Mentoring in and across disciplines and differences
  • Expertise in creating inclusive learning environments and experiences
  • Opportunities and support for community engaged teaching and research
  • Expertise in the scholarship of teaching & learning (SoTL) and Teaching as Research (TAR)


Through responsive programming—workshops, institutes, individual consultations, and special programs—and positive, sustainable relationships that advance a generative culture of excellence and innovation in engaged teaching & learning.







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