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Web Conferencing Storage Options Zoom is approved for MS UI Login. It is a web conferencing solution used for live and recorded online lectures. Zoom supports screen sharing, break-out rooms, chat, & online polling. Microsoft OneDrive is approved for MS UI Login. It is a cloud storage service for UI students, faculty and staff. Sharing files from OneDrive is easy. Videos stored in OneDrive can be linked to from a Canvas course.

Create Image and Video Instructional Materials via Screen Capture
Snagit is approved for MS UI Login. It is a screen capturing tool. Use it to create instructional materials for your courses. Snagit allows you to capture images and video from your computer screen and gives you the ability to add text, callouts, and effects to the captured images.

Snagit Help Sheet
Camtasia is approved for MS UI Login. It is an easy to use screen recorder and video editor. Use it to create audio/video instructional materials for your courses. Camtasia provides many advanced features to aid in the creation of well-designed instructional presentations.

Camtasia Help Sheet
NOTE: The University of Idaho has a 3-year site license (2021-2023) to use TechSmith’s Camtasia and SnagIt software on Windows and MacOS computers. Under UI's current license, this software should only be used for the creation of instructional material for courses. All faculty and staff who assist in the creation of course instructional material can install the software on their UI-owned computers via Software Center (Windows) or Self Service (MacOS).  All ITS managed instructor stations in classrooms have Snagit and Camtasia installed.

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Introducing Camtasia
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