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U of I Centrally Licensed Software Tools

Video Storage & Web Conferencing Panopto VideoPanopto
is a video streaming platform integrated into Canvas. It provides closed-captioning for videos automatically. Panopto helps instructors empower their learners with interactive video to drive engagement, boost knowledge retention, and measure learning outcomes.
Microsoft OneDrive is approved for MS U of I Login. It is a cloud storage service for U of I students, faculty and staff.
Zoom is approved for MS U of I Login. It is a web conferencing solution used for live and recorded online lectures. Zoom supports screen sharing, break-out rooms, chat, & online polling. Zoom Support

Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Creative Cloud is now centrally licensed and available to all U of I instructors. If you would like to utilize this software, follow the U of I Logging in and Installing Adobe Applications Instructions. Departments must cancel any Adobe subscriptions they are paying for and not open any new subscriptions. If you require assistance with installing the software, accessing it, or migrating content from an old Adobe license, submit a ticket.

There are also a limited number of licenses available for students who are required to access Adobe Creative Cloud for courses. You can view the courses where students will have access to this software here. If you teach a course where students need access that is not on the list, please submit a ticket to request access for the course.

Create Image and Video Instructional Materials via Screen Capture Snagit is approved for MS U of I Login. It is a screen capturing tool. Use it to create instructional materials for your courses. Snagit allows you to capture images and video from your computer screen and gives you the ability to add text, callouts, and effects to the captured images.

Snagit Help Sheet
Camtasia is approved for MS U of I Login. It is an easy to use screen recorder and video editor. Use it to create audio/video instructional materials for your courses. Camtasia provides many advanced features to aid in the creation of well-designed instructional presentations.

Camtasia Help Sheet

The U of I has a site license to use Camtasia & SnagIt for the creation of instructional material. All faculty and staff who assist in the creation of course material can install this software on their U of I-owned computers via Software Center (Windows) or Self Service (MacOS).  All managed instructor stations in classrooms have Snagit & Camtasia installed.



Instructors should be mindful of policies regarding FERPA. Test your knowledge by
taking the FERPA Tutorial in VandalWeb under Personal Information.