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Add-On Tools Available in Canvas

Under Settings > Apps

  Link to Tool in Canvas

  • Click Settings (bottom left)
  • Select Navigation (across top)
  • Drag/Drop Tool into Top List
  • Press Save

Under Settings > Navigation

Under Modules > Add > External Tool

Built into existing Canvas Tools

Contact for assistance

Additional Software Tools

  • Padlet
    Teachers and students should select Log in with Microsoft when logging into Padlet using their UI account.

    Steps to add a link to your Padlet in Modules
    • In Modules, click on the Plus icon (+)
    • From the pulldown menu, select External URL
    • Paste in the Link to your Padlet ( . . .)
    • Enter a Page Name (title) for the link
    • Check the box to Load in a new tab
      CETL testing revealed Microsoft authentication to be unstable when Padlet was embedded in Canvas. Opening in a new tab solves this problem.
    • Press the Add Item button

    The free version of Padlet can be used in Canvas but will not be able to integrate Padlet's assignments or scores into the Canvas gradebook. UofI does not have the site license required for full integration.


Q: How do I request a new Third-Party Add-On Tool to be added to Canvas?

A: All requests for new tools to be integrated with Canvas must go through both CETL testing and FERPA/Security reviews conducted by OIT. This process can take several months, so it is best to make requests in the semester prior to when the tool is needed. We ask that those who make requests take an active role working with CETL and the software vendor to help test new tools as needed. Please fill out the Request for a Third-Party Add-On Tool Form to make a request for the subsequent semester.