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Canvas Support (Instructor Help)

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  • Active UofI computer account and multifactor authentication (DUO) required
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24/7 Canvas Support

24/7 support is offered to both INSTRUCTORS and STUDENTS.

From the Canvas left menu, click on Help (located at the bottom) to view your available support options such as:

      Search the Canvas Guides

      Live Chat with Canvas Support

      Canvas Support Hotline Phone Number

Contact coursedesign@uidaho.edu for U of I assistance with Course Design.

Deliver Video using Panopto

Follow the help links below to learn how to use Panopto to host and record video for delivery in your Canvas course.Panopto

CETL Canvas Support

One-On-One Help

Contact coursedesign@uidaho.edu to setup a one-on-one session with a member of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning's Instructional Design Team:

Sean Quallen

Sean Quallen, Ph.D.
Instructional Designer
EDU 207

Jen Elbek

Jen Elbek, Ph.D.
Instructional Designer
EDU 223

Doug Habib

Douglas Habib, Ph.D.
Asst Director of Programming
EDU 224

Self-Directed Study


Instructors should be mindful of policies regarding FERPA. Test your knowledge by
taking the FERPA Tutorial in VandalWeb under Personal Information.