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Course Copy (Instructor Help)

One Minute "How To" Video

How to Copy Content from One Canvas Course into Another (1 min)

Course Copy -- Step by Step

Note: You must have Teacher access to both courses to perform a course copy.

Start by going to your Canvas dashboard and scrolling down to locate your (empty) course shell that has been automatically created for the new semester. Keep in mind that the Canvas course copy "pulls from" -- which means you need go into your new (empty) course shell when following the steps below:

  1. To begin, enter the (empty) course which you will "pull" or copy content into.
  2. Press the Import Existing Content button located on the right side of the Course Home page
  3. Select Copy a Canvas Course from the pulldown
  4. Use the next pulldown to search and select the course containing the desired content
  5. Select All content
  6. (Optional) Check Adjust events and due dates to easily move all due dates forward as appropriate for the next semester.
  7. Press Import
    Queue indicates the task is in the Canvas queue. Complete indicates the copy is finished.
  8. Start making changes to the copied content in preparation for the new semester.

Warning: Importing a course more than once may have unintended consequences. If you import content into a new course, edit the content in the new course, and later import the previous content again, the imported content will override the existing content.

Next Steps?

  1. Update the Syllabus for the new semester
  2. View Your Course as a Student to verify the course functions as intended
  3. Run the Ally Accessibility Report to improve your content accessibility scores
  4. Publish Your Course for student access