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[PREP] or [UIDAHO] Canvas Course

Canvas by InstructureUI courses taken for credit are automatically generated in Canvas for you several months before the start of the semester.

  • Use the form below to request a [PREP] space to work in if you wish use a course shell to build or test your course content. If needed, perform a Course Import to copy course materials to your official course shell before teaching. The Teacher role in a [PREP] course gives you the ability to add other users as Teacher. Note: [PREP] spaces do not allow student enrollments.
  • Use the form below to request a [UIDAHO] Canvas space for a non-credit course such as a workshop, peer collaboration, communication, or document sharing space. The Teacher role in a [UIDAHO] course gives you the ability to add other users as Teacher, TA, Designer, and Student. Note: [UIDAHO] spaces allow student enrollments.

Canvas Course Request - Instructors Only

* Required Fields

Example: ENGL101

Example: Intro to College Writing

[PREP] - student enrollments not allowed
[UIDAHO] - student enrollments allowed
* Instructor Name
Example: Joe Vandal

Example: joevandal@uidaho.edu



Instructors should be mindful of policies regarding FERPA. Test your knowledge by
taking the FERPA Tutorial in VandalWeb under Personal Information.