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CanvasLogin to Canvas
Do not let your browser auto-fill additional characters beyond https://canvas.uidaho.edu/

To authenticate, use your UofI email address (ending with uidaho.edu). If you have more than one UofI email address--regardless of which one has been used to authenticate into Canvas--you will see both classes you teach (if you teach) and classes you are taking as a student.

DUO, a Multi-Factor Authentication System used by the University of Idaho, is required during the Canvas login process.

Visit Account Management to change your password. Review the process to Reset Your UofI Account Password. After changing your password, it takes at least 5 minutes and can be up to 10 minutes before the new password fully works.

Canvas uses your preferred email account to send notifications to. If desired, contact the appropriate group listed below to switch your preferred UofI email account.

Faculty/Staff Assistance
Technology Solutions Partners (TSP)
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Student Assistance
OIT Student Technology Center
(208) 885-HELP

Authentication Requirements
The University of Idaho requires an active UofI computer account and DUO to access the Canvas server. Consider using the free version of Canvas if you wish to have non-UofI individuals to participate in a Canvas course.