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Delivering Video through Canvas

Video Storage Comparison

Video Storage Platform Closed Captioning FERPA Compliant Enhanced Engagement In-Depth Analytics Trim & Edit Video
Panopto Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Canvas No Yes No No No
OneDrive Yes Yes No No No
Vimeo Basic No No No No Yes
YouTube Yes No No No Yes

Do not upload video directly to Canvas.
Upload it through Canvas into Panopto!

If you wish to record lectures for use in later semesters, you must take steps to comply with FERPA. Record the course lectures in such a way that the students' identity in the course is never revealed. (e.g., Avoid recording student faces and/or names.)

Deliver Video using Panopto

Panopto is the preferred method for delivering video through Canvas. Panopto offers Automatic Closed Captioning and its viewer provides control of the video playback's volume, speed, and quality.

Deliver Video using OneDrive

Power Plug > View All

Share a Folder of Video Files with Students

Follow the steps below to share a Panopto folder containing video files with students in Canvas:

  1. Add the Panopto Video Link to your Canvas Course's Left Navigation Menu.
  2. Click on the Panopto Video Link to enter your Panopto Course Folder.
  3. Drop videos from your computer into the Panopto Course Folder.
  4. (Optional) Sort the Videos Inside the Panopto Folder.
  5. Direct your students to the Panopto Video Link in the course's left navigation menu.

Instructors should be mindful of policies regarding FERPA. Test your knowledge by
taking the FERPA Tutorial in VandalWeb under Personal Information.