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Delivering Video through Canvas

If you wish to record lectures for use in later semesters, you must take steps to comply with FERPA. Record the course lectures in such a way that the students' identity in the course is never revealed. (e.g., Avoid recording student faces and/or names.)

Deliver Video using Panopto New

Follow the help links below to learn how to use Panopto to host and record video for delivery in your Canvas course.

Panopto Word Cloud

Panopto is the preferred method for the delivery and recording of video in Canvas. Rather than upload files directly into the Canvas files area, select Panopto Video to upload your videos into--which offers higher quality and automatic closed captioning. Panopto's viewer provides control of the video playback's volume, speed, and quality. (Note: Videos stored in Panopto do not count against the Canvas course quota.)

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Deliver Video using YouTube or OneDrive

NOTE: If you were planning to upload your video directly into Canvas, upload it through Canvas into Panopto instead. See Panopto Help for Instructors.

Embed YouTube or OneDrive Videos on a Canvas Page

  • Click the Apps icon in the editing toolbar (circled below)
  • Select View All
  • Select YouTube or Microsoft OneDrive

Power Plug > View All

OneDrive Videos
Embedding OneDrive Videos in Canvas

Trim Your Video
Applications Available to Trim Videos or Recordings

File Size Limits
If you have Instructor status, video files up to 3GB will successfully embed using this method. Those with Student status are limited to video files of 500MB or less. Embedding does not impact your Canvas course file quota.


How do I share video directly from Panopto with students without building links to each video individually within Canvas?

You do not have to give "read permission" to each student using this method.

How do I share video directly from OneDrive with students without building links to each video individually within Canvas?
Make a folder in OneDrive, put your videos there, then give each student "read permission" to that folder. This allows you to build just one link from Canvas to your OneDrive Folder. Students will see a list of all the videos available and can watch the video they need by selecting it.

You must give "read permission" to each student in the class individually using this method.


Instructors should be mindful of policies regarding FERPA. Test your knowledge by
taking the FERPA Tutorial in VandalWeb under Personal Information.