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Inclusive Access (IA)

Inclusive Access is a partnership between the VandalStore and various publishers to provide digital course materials to students. Instructors use Inclusive Access to reduce student cost in comparison to traditional print text and to ensure that every student in the course has access to the course materials by the first day of class.

Please set up Inclusive Access in your Canvas course as soon as possible to resolve any issues before classes start. You are welcome to post the Student Help Page for Inclusive Access in your Canvas course as a resource.

VandalStore, Offical Store of the University of Idaho

Linking to Inclusive Access content

In most cases, you must add an Inclusive Access link to your Canvas course to give students access to IA publisher materials. If your content was copied over from a previous semester, your course may already contain this link. If not, follow the instructions below to add an Inclusive Access module & link to the course Modules area:

  • Click on Modules (located in the course's left menu)
  • Click on the +Module button on the right side or on Create a new Module in the middle of the page to add a module for Inclusive Access
  • Enter a Module Name (e.g., Inclusive Access Module)
  • Select Add Module

  • Click on the Plus icon (+) on the right side of the Inclusive Access Module created in Step 1

  • From the pulldown menu, select External Tool
  • Select Inclusive Access Materials
  • Select Add Item

  • Click the Publish icon to the right of the new Module to publish it for student access
  • Click the Publish icon to the right of the new Link to publish it for student access

Confirm IA Materials are Available

Once the Inclusive Access link has been added, follow the steps below to confirm it is working.

  • Click on the Inclusive Access link within the Module
  • Confirm the materials listed are correct

  • If you do not see the Inclusive Access materials you were expecting, contact the VandalStore (208-885-6469 or textbooks@uidaho.edu) for assistance. Be prepared to tell them:
    • the Canvas URL (e.g., https://canvas.uidaho.edu/courses/####)
    • your unique SIS ID (located under Settings)

  • Publish your Course so that the Inclusive Access materials will be available to students by the first day of class.

How Inclusive Access Works

  • Students are automatically billed for Inclusive Access publisher content when they are enrolled in a course using Inclusive Access materials.
  • Students may "opt-out" at any time between the first day of classes and the Add/Drop deadline. Students who "opt-out" are responsible for obtaining access to the required materials on their own. (Note: The VandalStore does not stock textbooks for classes signed up to use Inclusive Access materials.)
  • UI Student Accounts will begin to process refunds requested during the "opt-out" period after the "opt-out" period ends. (If a student drops the class by the Add/Drop deadline, they are not required to "opt-out" in order to receive a refund.)
  • VandalStore, Offical Store of the University of IdahoIf you or the student you are working with have further questions about how this program works, please call or email the VandalStore (208-885-6469 or textbooks@uidaho.edu).
  • Vandal Store: Inclusive Access Information (Student Help)
  • Vital Source: Inclusive Access Success (Instructor Help)

How Students "opt-out" of IA Materials

  • Click on the Inclusive Access link from Modules.
  • Click on the Want to opt-out? button to "opt out" (as shown below).

  • Confirm by pressing the "Opt Out" button (shown below).
  • A student may return to this screen any time prior to the "opt-out" deadline to "opt-back-in".

Inclusive Access FAQs

Q: If a course copy brings over an Inclusive Access link, does that mean my course is automatically setup to use Inclusive Access?

A: No. If Inclusive Access is not being used with the course in the current semester (i.e., you have not worked with the VandalStore to setup Inclusive Access for your course), the IA link within your course can be deleted. The Inclusive Access link only functions when it is combined with the behind-the-scenes aspect of IA setup through VandalStore.

Q: What if I am using Courseware from a publisher (Pearson, Cengage, McGraw-Hill, Norton, . . . )?

A: If you are using Courseware from a publisher, make sure your course is set up through them correctly to avoid any disruptions to materials. Contact your publisher rep if you need help with this.

Q: Where can I send students if I am unable to answer their questions regarding Inclusive Access?

VandalStore, Offical Store of the University of IdahoA: Please direct students having trouble accessing their IA materials to the Course Materials Manager at the Vandal Store (textbooks@uidaho.edu, 208-885-6469). Have them include their name, Vandal ID, and the course.


All faculty should be mindful of the University's policies
regarding intellectual property and fair use.