Panopto (Student Help)

Video Streaming Platform integrated into Canvas

What is Panopto?

Panopto is a platform that simplifies and improves the video experience for students from within Canvas. It automatically provides closed captioning and integrates seamlessly with Canvas. Panopto helps empower students by providing interactive video to drive engagement, boost knowledge retention, and measure learning outcomes.

Don't use the Canvas Recorder for video submissions. Instead, record and/or upload your video submissions using Panopto's integrated tools. Canvas recorder video issues are:

  • 500 MB size limit for each student video
  • the Safari Browser doesn't work with the Canvas Recorder

Access to Panopto is ONLY available through Canvas. You must be signed into Canvas to create, save, and view videos stored in Panopto.

New How to Post Videos to Canvas Discussions

  • Press Post from within a Canvas Discussion
  • Select the green "Panopto" icon (Panopto) from the Canvas Editor Tool Bar
  • Select Upload or Record
    If Recording, choose Capture (Browser)

Panopto Capture Settings

Click the Gear icon (Setting's Gear Icon) in the lower right-hand corner of the screen to enter Settings (shown below).

Panopto Recording Interface

  • Select High Definition (HD) (1920x1080 @ 30 frames/sec) for recording quality.
  • For Video layout, adjust how streams appear by selecting Picture in Picture or Tile.
  • For Background, select Off, Blur, Default, or an optional virtual background uploaded by you. Panopto allows you to upload three additional backgrounds of your choosing. Note: The University of Idaho digital backgrounds distributed for use with Zoom can be used in Panopto (go to Download U of I Digital Backgrounds).
  • For Smart Camera, we recommend selecting Off. Smart Camera automatically tracks and follows the speaker's face. This feature is experimental and requires a high-resolution camera as well as a high-performance computer for best results. If you are using an older computer to record, turning Smart Camera off produces a higher quality video.

Learn More About Panopto's Capture Settings

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Panopto "Video" Tutorials

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