Find & Hide Courses (Student Help)

By default. the Dashboard view displays up to 20 courses alphabetically. However, it never shows students their Unpublished courses. Locate a list of ALL your courses including the Unpublished courses by clicking on Courses > All Courses.

How to Setup Course Favorites

To display more than 20 courses on the Dashboard or to control which courses show on the Dashboard, mark your course favorites. Designate favorites by going to Courses > All Courses and locating the empty star icon (Not Marked as Favorite Icon) shown to the left of each course in the list. Designate a course as a favorite by clicking its corresponding star to mark it as a favorite (Favorites Star Icon).

  • (Not Marked as Favorite Icon) An empty star indicates the course is not a favorite.
  • (Favorites Star Icon) A red filled star indicates the course is a favorite.

There is no limit on the number of favorite courses you can have. Return to Courses > All Courses at any time to adjust the courses marked as favorites. Note: Courses from concluded semesters cannot be designated as favorites. More Info

Course Still Missing?

If you do not see the missing course listed in Courses > All Courses, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Your instructor has not published the Canvas course. Some instructors do not publish a course until the first day of class.
  • Your instructor does not plan on using Canvas; thus, you will never see the course listed in Canvas.
  • Your Add request has not made its way through the system. New Enrollments are pushed into Canvas daily at 6am, 11am, and 4pm. Expect up to a 24hr delay.
  • Student enrollments are not added to Canvas until four weeks prior to the term for Fall and Summer, and during the first week in January for Spring.

Please contact your instructor for further assistance.

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