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Preparing Future Faculty

The 2022 Graduate Student “How To...” series includes workshops from the College of Graduate Studies intended to provide skills essential to success at U of I. Find out how to format your thesis or dissertation, fund your graduate education, create a study plan, apply for awards and more. The series begins Thursday, Oct. 13, 2022 online.

Work with the Writing Center’s graduate writing consultant for one-to-one assistance at any stage of the writing process for theses, dissertations, research manuscripts, proposals and more. To learn more, email or drop by the Writing Center office in ISUB 323.

Preparing Future FacultyIn collaboration with the College of Graduate Studies, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning provides dedicated instructional and pre-faculty development support for all Ph.D. students, TAs, and Post-Docs. Through our affiliation with the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL), we further emphasize the professional development of STEM future faculty, with a focus on inclusive teaching and learning.



  • Understanding and Navigating the Landscape of Higher Education by Brian Smentkowski | Watch Video (1 hr) | View Slides
  • How to Create Significant Learning Experiences Across Instructional Modalities…And Why It Matters by Douglas Habib | Watch Video (1 hr) | View Slides
  • Engaging Students with Technology by Cassidy Hall | Watch Video (1 hr) | View Slides
  • How to Handle Hot Topics and Difficult Dialogues by Brian Smentkowski | Watch Video (1.3 hr)
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Developing an Authentic Foundation for Everyday Practice and Inclusive Teaching and Learning by Erin Chapman | Watch Video (48 min)
  • Designing a Productivity Pathway That Helps You Thrive and Sets You Apart by Brian Smentkowski | Watch Video (1.2 hr) | View Slides