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Spring 2021

Diane ProrakDiane Prorak

Hanwen DongHanwen Dong

Perri MorenoPerri Moreno

Overcoming Obstacles to Remote Learning: The Quick Redesign of the Library’s First-year Instruction
Diane Prorak, Hanwen Dong, & Perri Moreno
During the last year, librarians at the University of Idaho Library faced several instruction-related challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for our collaboration with the first-year composition courses. We redesigned and repurposed our traditional, face-to-face library instruction methods for use in an online, interactive format that can later be readapted for the return to in-person instruction. In this presentation, we will talk about our tutorial development process and our interactive teaching methods.


Douglas HabibDouglas Habib

What Do You Consider When You’re Considering Moving to Canvas?
Douglas Habib
This session will provide a brief preview of Canvas and the types of things faculty might consider as they explore Canvas and give feedback to the administration on whether or not to move to that LMS. The aim is to highlight elements of Canvas faculty should investigate, such as the look and feel of the LMS, common tools, and Canvas Help resources.


Steven BeyerleinSteven Beyerlein

Patricia ColbergPatricia Colberg

Freshmen Year Engineering Experience
Steven Beyerlein & Patricia Colberg
This workshop will share best practices that have emerged from a year-long learning community of introduction to engineering faculty in the College of Engineering.  Our adopted model for freshman student development is based on transformation of the whole self that includes balanced attention to growth of academic identity, mastery of STEM knowledge, cultivation of life-long learning capabilities, and culturally relevant authentic learning experiences. These four aspects that are identified with student roles of knower, learner, performer, and self-grower.  These roles are supported by instructor interactions associated with facilitating active learning, making constructive interventions focused on lifelong learning skills, creating a diverse/inclusive learning environment, and mentoring/coaching.


John Crepeau
Rob Ely

Mike MaughanStacy Isenbarger

Tonia Dousay
Dan Cordon

Cassidy Hall
Dan Eveleth

Cassidy HallDiane Carter

The Future of HyFlex: A Panel Discussion on Lessons Learned and What Will Survive
Panelists: Rob Ely, Stacy Isenbarger, Dan Cordon, Dan Eveleth, & Diane Carter
This panel will discuss what instructors and students learned from the HyFlex experience and propose what flexible course delivery might look like moving forward. How do we find balance amongst our assumed teaching expectations? What insights do we have to improve? How do you see this changing the course of higher ed?


Cassidy HallCassidy Hall

Zoom: What’s New? What’s Coming? How/Where Can I Move My Recordings?
Cassidy Hall
Zoom has added many new features that you may or may not have noticed. This session will highlight those new features and include what to expect from the administrative end of Zoom to improve meetings and webinars. We’ll also demonstrate how to download recordings from Zoom and how to save them to OneDrive. In the near future, all Zoom recordings will be automatically deleted after 9 months. This session will prepare you for this move so that you don’t lose any important recordings.


Vanessa SielertVanessa Sielert

Spencer MartinSpencer Martin

The Arts Modifications During the Pandemic
Vanessa Sielert & Spencer Martin
During this session, we’ll hear about the Lionel Hampton School of Music’s efforts to adapt to unforeseen needs during the pandemic. Director Vanessa Sielert and Associate Director for Recruitment and the Director of the Vandal Marching Band Spencer Martin will tell us the story of how their school approached the dilemma and succeeded in continuing to deliver instruction.


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