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(*suitable for concerto competitions)

Selected Flute Repertoire and Studies: A Graded Guide (National Flute Association, Inc.: 2009) is an excellent resource for choosing solo repertoire and study material appropriate to a student's ability. The Repertoire list has eleven levels from A (beginner) to K (advanced). In general, Level G is appropriate for a first-year music major, and Levels H, I, J, and K for second-, third-, fourth-year and graduate students respectively. If a piece is not on the NFA list, an estimated difficulty level is provided below in brackets.

Another excellent graded list is the Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program Flute Syllabus, available on their website. The RCM column indicates their grade levels, which run 1-10 and ARCT (professional-level material).

Titles in red have been recorded by Leonard Garrison; click on links for audio samples of Leonard performing these works. Certain titles include links to performances on Leonard's YouTube Channel.

Titles in blue are on the Idaho Music Educators Association State Solo Contest List.

Pieces that use extended techniques are indicated ET.

Technical Studies (in order of study)
NFA Level
Kujala, Walfrid, The Flutist's Vade Mecum (Second Edition, Progress Press)
Gilbert, Geoffrey, Technical Flexibility for Flutists (Southern)

Etudes (in order of study)
NFA Level
Cavally, Robert, Melodious and Progressive Studies, Book I (Southern)
Berbiguier, Benoit Tranquille, 18 Exercises or Etudes (any edition)
Andersen, Joachim, 24 Etudes, op. 33 (any edition)
Cavally, Robert, Melodious and Progressive Studies, Book 2 (Southern)
Genzmer, Harald, Contemporary Etudes, Vol 1 (Schott)
Boehm, Theobald, 24 Caprices, Op. 26 (any edition)
Karg-Elert, Sigfrid, 30 Caprices, op. 107 (in Andraud, The Modern Flutist, published by Southern)
Altès, Henri, 26 Selected Studies (Schirmer)
Piazzolla, Astor, Tango-Etudes (Henry Lemoine) I,J 8-10
Dick, Robert, Flying Lessons, Vol 1 (Multiple Breath Music Company) - ET I,J,K  
Genzmer, Harald, Contemporary Etudes, Vol 2 (Schott)
Castérède, Jacques, 12 Etudes (Leduc)
Andersen, Joachim, 24 Etudes, op. 15 (any edition)
Jean-Jean, Paul, Études modernes (Leduc)

Recommended Collections for Flute and Piano NFA Level
Cavally, Robert, ed., 24 Short Concert Pieces (Southern) D,E,F,G,H,I
Moyse, Louis, ed., Flute Music of the Baroque (Schirmer) F,G, H
Moyse, Louis, ed., Flute Music by French Composers (Schirmer) I
Marcel Moyse, The Golden Age of the Flutists, Vol. 2 (Zen-On) J

Baroque: Flute Solo NFA Level RCM
Bach, C.P.E., Sonata in A Minor (Amadeus, Universal, or Ricordi) I 10
Bach, J.S., Partita in A Minor, BWV 1013 (Bärenreiter or Henle) K 10
Boismortier, Joseph Bodin de, Six Suites for Flute Solo (Schott) [H]


Marais, Marin, Les Folies d'Espagne (Bärenreiter) I 8
Telemann, G.P., 12 Fantasies (Bärenreiter) H-I 5-9

Baroque: Flute and Keyboard NFA Level RCM
*Bach, C.P.E., Concerto in D Minor, Wq. 22 (Kunzelmann) J 10
*Bach, C.P.E., Concerto in A Minor , Wq. 166 (Eulenberg) [J]  
*Bach, C.P.E., Concerto in B-flat Major , Wq. 167 (Musica Rara) [J]  
*Bach, C.P.E., Concerto in G Major, Wq. 168 (Musica Rara) I ARCT
*Bach, C.P.E., Concerto in A, Wq. 169 (Eulenberg; first movement in L. Moyse baroque collection) [J]  
Bach, C.P.E., Four Sonatas in D, E, G and G, Wq. 83-86 (2 vols., Breitkopf & Härtel) [I]  
Bach, C.P.E., Four Sonatas in G, e, a, and D, Wq. 123, 124, 128, 131 (Kalmus) [I] 8
Bach, C.P.E., Sonata in B-flat, Wq. 161/2 (Musica Rara) [I]  
Bach, C.P.E., “Hamburger” Sonata in G Major, Wq. 133 (Schott) I 9
Bach, J.S., Sonata in E-flat Major, BWV1031 (Bärenreiter or Henle) H 8
Bach, J.S., Sonata in G Minor, BWV 1020 (Bärenreiter or Henle) H 8
Bach, J.S., Sonata in A Major, BWV 1032 (Bärenreiter or Henle) I 9
Bach, J.S., Sonata in C Major, BWV 1033 (Bärenreiter or Henle) I 9
Bach, J.S., Sonata in E Major, BWV 1035 (Bärenreiter or Henle) I 10
Bach, J.S., Sonata in E Minor, BWV 1034 (Bärenreiter or Henle) J 10
Bach, J.S., Sonata in B Minor, BWV 1030 (Bärenreiter or Henle) J ARCT
*Bach, J.S., Suite in B Minor, BWV 1067 (Bärenreiter) H 9
*Blavet, Michel, Concerto in A Minor (Broekmans & van Poppel) [I] 10
Blavet, Michel, Six Sonatas, op. 2 (Bärenreiter) G 4-8
Boccherini, Luigi, Concerto in D, op. 27 (first movement in L. Moyse baroque collection) H


Handel, G.F., Eleven Sonatas (Bärenreiter) F,G,H 4-9
Kleinknecht, J.F., Sonata in B Minor (in Vester, German Baroque Sonatas) H 10
Leclair, J.M., Sonata in G, Op. 9, No. 7 (Schott) H 9
Leclair, J.M., Sonata in E Minor, Op. 9, No. 2(Schott) [H]  
Müthel, J.G., Sonata in D Major (Bärenreiter) [I] ARCT
*Pergolesi, G.B., Concerto in G Major (Allegro spiritoso in Moyse baroque collection) H 8
Platti, G.B., Sonata in G Major (in L. Moyse, Flute Music of the Baroque) G  
*Quantz, J.J., Concerto in G Major (Breitkopf & Härtel) I 10
Telemann, G.P., Methodische Sonaten (Bärenreiter) H  
Telemann, G.P., Four Sonatas from 'Der getrueue Musikmeiseter' (Bärenreiter) F  
*Telemann, G.P., Suite in A Minor (Southern) H 9
*Vivaldi, Antonio, 6 Concerti, op. 10 (Ricordi or International) H 8-10
Vivaldi, Antonio (attributed to), Sonata in g from "Il Pastor fido" (6 Sonatas, Bärenreiter) [these sonatas are actually by Nicolas Chédeville] F 8

Classical NFA Level RCM
*Devienne, François, Concerto No. 2 in D (International) I 10
*Devienne, François,Concerto No. 7 in e (International) J ARCT
*Devienne, François, Concerto No. 8 (International) K  
Devienne, François, Sonata in D Major (International) I  
Devienne, François, Sonata in E Minor (International) H  
Gluck, C.W., Minuet and Dance of the Blessed Spirits (in Cavally, 24 Short Concert Pieces) G 7
Grétry, A.E.M., Concerto in C Major (first movement in L. Moyse baroque collection) [I] 8
*Haydn, Joseph (attrib. L. Hofmann), Concerto in D (Leuckart or International) H 8
*Mozart, W.A., Concerto in G, K. 313 (Bärenreiter) J 8
*Mozart, W.A., Concerto in D, K. 314 (Bärenreiter) J ARCT
Mozart, W.A., Andante and Rondo (International) H  
Mozart, W.A. (arr. L. Moyse), Three Sonatas, K. 285, 285b, 298 (adapted from the Flute Quartets, Schirmer) I  
*Stamitz, Anton, Concerto in D Major (Breitkopf & Härtel) [H]  
*Stamitz, Carl, Concerto in G Major, op. 29 (Schott) H 8

Nineteenth Century
NFA Level
Boehm, Theobald, Concerto in G Major, Op. 1 (International) I  
Boehm, Theobald, Elegie, op. 47 (Southern) H  
Boehm, Theobald, Variations on "Nel cor più" (various; in Marcel Moyse Golden Age collection) J  
Boehm, Theobald,Grande Polonaise (in Marcel Moyse Golden Age collection) K ARCT
Borne, Francis, Carmen Fantasie K 10
Chopin, Frederic, Variations on a Theme of Rossini (International) G  
Demersseman, Jules, Sixième Solo de Concert (Leduc) J 10
Donjon, Johannes Offertoire (in Cavally, 24 Short Concert Pieces) G  
Doppler, Franz, Airs Valaques, Op. 10 (Piper Press) K ARCT
Doppler, Franz, Hungarian Pastoral Fantasie (numerous editions) I 10
Hummel, J.N. Sonata in D, op. 50 (Doblinger) [H]  
Kuhlau, Six Divertissements, Op. 68 for flute and piano (International) I 10
Kuhlau, Friedrich, Three Fantasias, Op. 38 for flute alone (Universal) [I]  
Kuhlau, Friedrich,Three Grand Solos, Op. 57 for flute and piano [H]  
Kuhlau, Friedrich, Variations on "The Last Rose of Summer (in M. Moyse, The Golden Age of the Flutists, Vol. 2) I  
Mercadante, Saverio, Concerto in E Minor (Suvini Zerboni) J ARCT
Molique, Concerto (Andante in Cavally collection) H  
Reinecke, Carl, Ballade, op. 288 (Zimmermann) [I] 9
*Reinecke, Carl, Concerto in D, op. 283 (Breitkopf & Härtel) J


Reinecke, Carl, Sonata “Undine” (International) J 10
*Romberg, Concerto, Op. 17 (Falls House Press) [J]  
Saint-Saëns, Camille, Romance (Little Piper) H  
Schubert, Franz, Introduction and Variations (Bärenreiter) K ARCT
Schubert, Franz, arr. Boehm, Sechs Lieder (Universal) H 8
Schubert, Franz, Sonata in A Minor "Arpeggione" (arr. Peter Lukas-Graf, Zimmermann) [J]  
Schumann, Robert, Romances (orig. oboe - International) [H] 7
Taffanel, Paul, Grande Fantasie sur Mignon (Southern) K  
Tulou, Grand Solo No. 13 (Billaudot) I  
Widor, Suite (Piper or Southern) J ARCT

French Conservatory Contest Pieces, Etc. NFA Level RCM
Bozza, Agrestide (Leduc) K ARCT
Büsser, Prélude and Scherzo (in L. Moyse French collection) I  
Caplet, Rêverie et Petite Valse (Southern) H 8
Casella, Alfredo, Sicilienne et Burlesque (Leduc) J ARCT
Camus, Chanson and Badinerie (Leduc) H 10
Chaminade, Cécile, Concertino (in L. Moyse French collection) I 9
Dutilleux, Sonatine (Leduc) J ARCT
Enesco, Cantabile et Presto (in L. Moyse French collection) I 10
Fauré, Fantasie (in Moyse coll.) I 9
Fauré, Morceau de concours (Bourne) G 5
Ganne, Andante and Scherzo (in L. Moyse French collection) I  
Gaubert, Fantasie (in L. Moyse French collection) I  
Gaubert, Madrigal (International) G 6
Gaubert, Nocturne and Allegro Scherzando (in L. Moyse French collection) I 10
Godard, "Allegretto" and "Idyl" from Suite, op. 116 (in Cavally, 24 Short Concert Pieces) G 8
Godard, "Valse" from Suite, op. 116 [I] 8
Grovlez, Romance et Scherzo (Southern) J  
Hüe, Fantasie (Billaudot) J 10
Jolas, Betsy, Episode Second: Ohne Worte (Heugel) [J]  
Jolivet, Chant de Linos (Leduc) K ARCT
Messiaen, Le merle noir (Leduc) J ARCT
Mouquet, La Flûte de Pan (International) G  
Périlhou, Ballade (in L. Moyse French collection) [I] 9
Saint-Saëns, Camille, Airs de Ballet d'Ascanio (Southern) H 9
Saint-Saéns, Camille, Odelette, op. 162 (Durand) I 10
Sancan, Sonatine (Durand) J ARCT
Taffanel, Andante Pastorale and Scherzettino (in L. Moyse French collection) I 9

Twentieth Century: Flute Solo NFA Level RCM
Aitken, Robert, Icicle (Universal) - ET I 8
Aitken, Robert, Plainsong (Universal) - ET [K] ARCT
*Arnold, Malcom, Fantasy for Flute, Op. 89 (Faber) K  
Berio, Sequenza (orig. edn.: Zerboni, rev. edn.: Universal) - ET K ARCT
Bozza, Eugène, Image (Leduc) J 10
Brant, Henry, Mobiles (Carl Fischer) [J]  
Brown, Elizabeth, Trillium (Quetzal) - ET I 10
Carter, Elliott, Scrivo in vento (Hendon Music--Boosey & Hawkes) - ET (on Looking Back CD) K ARCT
Clarke, Ian, The Great Train Race (Just Flutes Edition) - ET I ARCT
Clarke, Ian, Zoom Tube (Just Flutes Edition) - ET [K] ARCT
Colquhoun, Michael, Charanga (Colquhoun) - ET (on Superflute CD) J  
Dahl, Ingolf, Variations on a Swedish Folktune (Theodore Presser) (on American Reflections CD) K  
Davidovsky, Mario, Synchronisms No. 1 for flute and tape (McGinnis & Marx) - ET [J]  
Debussy, Syrinx (various) H 9
Delaney, Charles, ...and the strange unknown flowers (Southern) H  
Dick, Robert, Afterlight (MMB) - ET
Dick, Robert, Fish Are Jumping (MMB) - ET (on Looking Back CD) K  
Dick, Robert, Lookout (MMB) -ET I 10
Erb, Donald, Music for Mother Bear for (alto) flute solo (Theodore Presser) - ET H  
Feld, Jindrich, Contrasts for solo flute (G. Schirmer) [I]  
Ferroud, Three Pieces for Flute (Salabert) (on East Meets West CD) J 10
Françaix, Jean, Suite for Solo Flute (Schott) K ARCT
Fukushima, Mei (Zerboni) - ET J 9
Heiss, John, Four Lyric Pieces (Southern) [I]  
Heiss, Etudes for Solo Flute, Op. 20 (J.B. Elkus) - ET [J]  
Higdon, Jennifer, Song (Higdon) [I]  
Hindemith, Eight Pieces (Schott) I 9
Honegger, Danse de la chèvre (Salabert) I 9
Hoover, Katherine, Kokopeli (Papagena Press) H 9
Hovhannes, Alan, Sonata (Peters) G  
Ibert, Jacques, Pièce (Leduc) J  
Ichiyanagi, Toshi, In a Living Memory (Schott) - ET [K] ARCT
Ittzés, Gergely, Totem (Falls House Press) - ET [K]  
Jacob, Gordon, The Pied Piper (2nd mvmt for picc; Oxford) on Superflute CD) F  
Jolivet, André, Cinq Incantations (Boosey & Hawkes) K ARCT
Karg-Elert, Sigfrid, Sonata Appassionata in F# Minor, op. 140 for flute alone (Southern) K 10
Kupferman, Meyer, Superflute for flute with pre-recorded piccolo and alto flute (Soundspell) (on Superflute CD) [J]  
La Montaine, John, Sonata, Op. 24 (Broude Brothers) I  
Liebermann, Lowell, Soliloquy K  
Martino, Donald, Quodlibets (Dantalian) (on Looking Back CD) [J]  
Muczynski, Robert, 3 Preludes (Schirmer) H 9
Offermans, Wil, Honami (Zimmermann) - ET (on East Meets West CD) H 10
Pattillo, Greg, Three Beats ( - ET [J]  
Persichetti, Vincent, Parable for solo (alto) flute (Elkan-Vogel) (on Looking Back CD) I  
Piazzolla, Astor, 6 Tango Etudes (Lemoine) I 8
Ran, Shulamit, East Wind (Theodore Presser) - ET K ARCT
Saariaho, Kaija, Couleurs du vent for solo alto flute (Chester) - ET K  
Sciarrino, Salvatore, Addio case del vento (Ricordi) - ET [J]  
Sollberger, Harvey, New Millennium Memo (American Composers Alliance) - ET [J]  
Takemitsu, Toru, Air (Schott) - ET (on East Meets West CD) [I] 10
Takemitsu, Toru, Itinerant (Schott) - ET [K] 10
Takemitsu, Toru, Voice (Salabert) - ET K ARCT
Varèse, Edgard, Density 21.5 (Colfranc) - ET I 10
Vasks, Peteris, Landscapes With Birds (in Lozben, Irina, ed., Flute Works by Soviet Composers, G. Schirmer) - ET J 10

Twentieth Century: Flute and Piano NFA Level RCM
Arnold, Malcolm, Concerto, Op. 45 K  
Arnold, Malcolm, Sonatina for Flute and Piano (Lengnick) G  
Barber, Samuel, Canzone (Schirmer) (on Looking Back CD) G 7
Bartok, Béla, Suite Paysanne Hongroise (Boosey & Hawkes) [J] ARCT
Beaser, Robert, The Old Men Admiring Themselves in the Water (Helicon) (on Looking Back CD) [G]
Beaser, Robert, Variations for Flute and Piano (Helicon) (on American Reflections CD [K]
Bennett, Richard Rodney, Summer Music (Novello) G


Bloch, Ernst, Suite Modale (Broude) G 7
Bolling, Claude, Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano (Silhouette) H  
Boulanger, Lili, D'un matin de printemps (Durand) H  
Bozza, Eugène, Aria (Leduc) G 6
Brun, Romance, op. 41 (Rubank) G 7
Burton, Eldin, Sonatina (Carl Fischer) J 10
Clarke, Ian, Sprial Lament (Just Flutes Edition) - ET [I]  
Copland, Aaron, Duo (Boosey & Hawkes) K  
Corigliano, John, Voyage (Schirmer) G 7
Del Tredici, David, "Acrostic Song" from Final Alice (Boosey & Hawkes) G  
Denisov, Edison, Sonata for Flute and Piano (Peters) [I] ARCT
Dohnanyi, Aria (in Great Encores for the Flute, Schirmer) I  
Feld, Jindrich, Sonata (Leduc) J ARCT
Foote, Arthur, A Night Piece (Southern) I  
Foss, Lukas, Three American Pieces (Carl Fischer) (on American Reflections CD) J  
Françaix, Jean, Divertimento (Schott) K  
Gaubert, Philippe, Romance (Little Piper or Leduc) H 8
Gaubert, Philippe, 3 Sonatas (no. 1, Durand, nos. 2 & 3, Heugel) J  
Genzmer, Harald, Second Sonata in e (Schott) J  
Gieseking, Walter, Sonatina (Medigo) J  
Gordeli, Otar, Concerto (Progress Press) J ARCT
*Griffes, Poem (Schirmer) J 10
Guarnieri, Camargo, Sonatina (Irmaos Vitale) [J]  
*Hanson, Serenade (Carl Fischer) J  
Harmon, John, Vision Quest (ms. available from composer) [I]  
Harty, In Ireland (Masters) H  
Heiden, Bernard, Sonatine (Associated) H 8
Hindemith, Sonate (Schott) I 10
Hosokawa, Toshio, Lied (Schott) (on East Meets West CD) [J] ARCT
*Ibert, Concerto (Leduc) K ARCT
Ibert, Jeux (Leduc) [J] 9
*Jolivet, André, Concerto (Heugel) [K] ARCT
*Kennan, Night Soliloquy (Carl Fischer) I 9
LaMontaine, John, Come Into My Garden G  
Liebermann, Lowell, Sonata (Theodore Presser) K ARCT
*Martin, Frank, Ballade (Universal) J ARCT
Martinu, Bohuslav, Sonata (Associated) J 10
Milhaud, Darius, Sonatine H  
Mower, Mike, Sonata Latino (Itchy Fingers) J  
Muczynski, Robert, Sonata (Schirmer) J ARCT
*Nielsen, Carl, Concerto (Chester) K ARCT
Piston, Walter, Sonata (Associated) J ARCT
Poulenc, Francis, Sonata (Chester) J 10
Price, Roger, Credo (ms. available from the composer) (on Superflute CD) [I]  
Prokofiev, Sergei, Sonata (Leeds) K ARCT
Reynolds, Verne, Sonata (Fischer) [K]  
*Rivier, Jean, Concerto (Billaudot) K ARCT
Rogers, Bernard, Soliloquy (Carl Fischer) F  
Roussel, Albert, Joueurs de Flûte (Durand) I 9
Rutter, John, Suite Antique (Oxford) H  
Schulhoff, Erwin, Sonata (Chester) J ARCT
Schwantner, Joseph, Black Anemones (European American) (on Looking Back CD) J  
Schwantner, Joseph, Looking Back (European American) (on Looking Back CD) [K]  
Taktakishvili, Otar, Sonata for Flute and Piano (Associated Music Pub.) J 10
Vaughan Williams, Ralph, Suite de Ballet (Oxford) G  
Yun, Isang, Garak (Bote & Bock) (on East Meets West CD) [K]  

Piccolo NFA Level RCM
Beaser, Robert, Souvenirs for piccolo and piano (Helicon) (on American Reflections CD) [J]  
Benshoof, Ken, Spindrift (Meridian) [J]  
Jacob, Gordon, The Pied Piper (2nd mvmt for picc; Oxford) (on Superflute CD) F  
Dick, Robert, Gravity's Ghost for solo piccolo (Multiple Breath Music Company) - ET [K]  
Donatoni, Franco, Nidi for solo piccolo (Ricordi) - ET [K] ARCT
Lam, Bun-Ching, Bittersweet Music I for solo piccolo (Notevole) - ET [J]  
Liebermann, Lowell, Concerto for Piccolo, op. 50 (Theodore Presser) [K]  
Loeb, David, Preludes for solo piccolo (several volumes, ALRY) [H-I]  
Loeb, David, Scenes from the Japanese Countryside for solo piccolo (ALRY) (on East Meets West CD) [H]  
Musgrave, Thea, Piccolo Play (Novello) [J]  
Persichetti, Vincent, Parable for Solo Piccolo (Elkan-Vogel) [H]  
Sandroff, Howard, Chant de femmes for piccolo/flute/alto flute (one player) and electronic sounds (Garlic Press) (on SuperfluteCD) [K]  
*Vivaldi, Antonio, Concerto in C for piccolo, F.VI/4, RV.443, Op. 44/11 (Theodore Presser) [I]  
*Vivaldi, Antonio, Concerto in C for piccolo, RV.444, F.VI/5, P. 78, M. 110 (Theodore Presser) [I]  
*Vivaldi, Antonio, Concerto in a for piccolo, RV 445, P. 83, M. 152 (Theodore Presser) [I]  
Wilder, Alec, Sonata No. 1 for piccolo/flute/alto flute and piano (Margun) (on Superflute CD) [I]  
Wüsthoff, Klaus, Drei Mobiles for piccolo/flute/alto flute and piano (Zimmermann) (on Superflute CD) [I]  

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