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Course Description

This is a survey course of the basic numerical methods which are used to solve practical scientific problems. Important concepts such as accuracy, stability, efficiency and convergence are discussed. The course provides an introduction to MATLAB, an interactive program for numerical linear algebra.


A Friendly Introduction to Numerical Analysis
By: Brian Bradie
ISBN: 0-13-013054-0
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Copyright: 2006
Published: 04/26/2005

Selected programs:

Selected solutions/answers:

Additional reading:

Numerical Computing with MATLAB
By: Cleve B. Moler
ISBN: 0898715601
Publisher: Society for Industrial & Applied (06/01/2004)

Available electronically at


Numerical Methods Using Matlab (Fourth Edition).
By: John H. Mathews and Kurtis D. Fink

Errata for 4th Edition: Numerical Methods Using MATLAB, John H. Mathews and Kurtis D. Fink

An introduction to numerical analysis
By: Kendall E. Atkinson QA 297.A841

Numerical Analysis 
By: Richard L. Burden and J. Douglas Faires

Elementary Numerical Analysis (3rd Edition)
By: Kendall Atkinson and Weimin Han

MATLAB guide
By: Desmond J. Higham & Nicholas J. Higham. QA297 .H5217 2000


Download syllabus: .pdf

Objectives of the course


Computer language

In this course, we will make extensive use of Matlab, a technical computing environment for numerical computation and visualization produced by The MathWorks, Inc. This will take a little learning, but will pay off in the long run, since programming numerical methods is much easier (and quicker) in Matlab than in virtually any other language.

A Matlab manual is available in the MSCC Lab.

Also available is a MATLAB tutorial written by Peter Blossey: (.pdf)

Another standard one is Kermit Sigmon's Matlab Primer: (.html)

Here is another Matlab resource available on the net:

In addition, there are many textbooks about Matlab. One of them is

MATLAB guide
By: Desmond J. Higham & Nicholas J. Higham. QA297 .H5217 2000


in Adobe PDFformat

Lecture Notes

Lecture 1-13-2010             Lecture 2-22-2010                                                   Lecture 4-7-2010
Lecture 1-15-2010             Lecture 2-24-2010                                                   Lecture 4-9-2010
Lecture 1-20-2010             Lecture 2-26-2010                                                   Lecture 4-12-2010
Lecture 1-22-2010             Lecture 3-1-2010                                                     Lecture 4-14-2010
Lecture 1-25-2010             Lecture 3-3-2010                                                     Lecture 4-16-2010 
Lecture 1-27-2010             Lecture 3-5-2010                                                     Lecture 4-19-2010 
Lecture 1-29-2010             Lecture 3-8-2010  Midterm review material            Lecture 4-21-2010 
Lecture 2-1-2010               Lecture 3-12-2010 Midterm review                         Lecture 4-23-2010   
Lecture 2-3-2010               Lecture 3-22-2010                                                   Lecture 4-26-2010 
Lecture 2-5-2010               Lecture 3-24-2010                                                   Lecture 4-28-2010 
Lecture 2-8-2010               Lecture 3-26-2010                                                   Lecture 4-30-2010 
Lecture 2-10-2010             Lecture 3-29-2010                                                   Lecture 5-3-2010 
Lecture 2-17-2010             Lecture 4-2-2010                                                     Lecture 5-5-2010   
Lecture 2-19-2010             Lecture 4-5-2010                                                     Lecture 5-7-2010      

MIT lecture notes: Computational Methods in Aerospace Engineering

Schedule, Homework and Exams

Follow links in the table below to obtain a copy of the homework in Adobe Acrobat(.pdf) format.

Homework Sets Due Date
Homework #1     Wednesday, January 27
Homework #2
   Wednesday, February 3
Homework #3
   Wednesday, February 10
Homework #4
   Wednesday, February 17
Homework #5
   Wednesday, February 24
Homework #6
   Wednesday, March 3
Homework #7
   Wednesday, March 10
Homework #8
   Monday, April 5
Homework #9
   Wednesday, April 14
Homework #10
    Monday, April 26

    Wednesday, May 5
Homework #12
  Midterm:  Tuesday, March 10 in class  Midterm review material

  Final:        Monday, May 10, 3:00 - 5:00 pm, Admin 336


40%- 12 Homework assignments
25%- Midterm Exam
35%- Final Exam

Midsemester Questionnaire