Principles of Vegetation Measurement & Assessment
and Ecological Monitoring & Analysis


Veg Sampling
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Learning Objective

This on-line information is designed to establish a solid understanding of vegetation structure and composition is necessary to understand how activities on rangelands and forested lands will affect wildlife habitat, livestock forage, fire behaviorwatershed characteristics, and many other wildland values.

Topics Covered

Module 1 - Introduction to Monitoring

Module 2 - Introduction to Measurements

Module 3 - Rangeland Soils and Ecological Site Descriptions

Module 4 - Assessing Plant Community Health

Module 5 - Measuring Plant Density

Module 6 - Frequency or Abundance

Module 7 - Biomass or Production

Module 8 - Assessing Cover

Module 9 - Diversity, Dominance, and Similarity

Course Goals

This information forms a 2-credit on-line course offered every other fall semester by the Rangeland Ecology and Management Program at the University of Idaho. Questions about the course for 2011 can be sent to Dr. Karen Launchbaugh.

The course is under continual development. Feel free to explore the lessons and use this information as desired. Please report any errors or additional suggestions to Karen Launchbaugh.

Karen Launchbaugh
UI Rangeland center
College of Natural Resources
Phone: (208) 885-4394