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Quick Reads

Below you will find a collection of quick reads on big issues in higher education, subdivided by topic. The idea is to satiate or stimulate your curiosity about topics and trends in faculty development, higher education, and teaching and learning. All are jargon-free, yet informative. Some even have immediate take-aways and applications to your classes and career. So scroll through each category and enjoy!


Teaching and Learning

Online Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Student Success

  1. We Know What Works to Close the Completion Gap The Chronicle of Higher Education
  2. Professors offer advice on teaching students to email them Inside Higher Ed
  3. Shifting Your Mindset From 'I Have To' To 'I Get To' Huffpost
  4. Teaching the Skill of Learning to Learn Inside Higher Ed
  5. Student-Centered Learning and Student Buy-In Inside Higher Ed
  6. 'Going To Office Hours Is Terrifying' And Other Tales Of Rural Students In College NPR
  7. Teaching the Students We Have, Not the Students We Wish We Had The Chronicle of Higher Education
  8. How One University Uses ‘Sneaky Learning’ to Help Students Develop Good Study Habits The Chronicle of Higher Education
  9. Beyond the midterms: Helping students overcome the impact of No Child Left Behind Brookings
  10. Impact of Higher Education Culture on Student Mindset and Success International Journal of Process Education
  11. Resilience isn’t just being tough; it’s a skill you can develop. Here’s how I did it. The Washington Post
  12. Critical and Alternative Perspectives on Student Engagement Inside Higher Ed
  13. Politically Divided: Annual survey of first-year college students reveals deep partisan splits. Inside Higher Ed
  14. The Tyranny of Being On Task: Students need periodic breaks to ease brain strain, and the perceived demand that they should always be on task is unrealistic. Edutopia
  15. The Unwritten Rules of College The Chronicle of Higher Education

Accessibility & Inclusion

Faculty Development

Future & New(er) Faculty

Big Issues in Higher Education